Scope of Menzel&Associates Ltd. Services

1. Menzel&Associates Ltd. (also “Menzel&Associates”) provides hospitality services including but not limited to hotels, transport companies and clinics (“Providers” or “Third Party Providers”).

2. Menzel&Associates Ltd. provides additional services to the user, each at an individual cost, including but not limited to case management, transfers, medical record translation, on-site medical interpreter, organization of visa and accommodation and more.

3. Menzel&Associates Ltd. does not refer the user to specific providers but only provides information about providers based on the user’s needs, i.e. time frame of availability, geographic area, medical needs, etc. Thus, the user will not be allocated to any provider but will instead be provided with a recommendation of providers (including the name, address, etc.) of which the user can choose one or the user can choose full administrative support.

4. Menzel&Associates Ltd. channels and thereby facilitates the communication between the user and providers. Should the user and the provider decide to conclude a contract, Menzel&Associates Ltd. is not involved in the contractual relationship between the user and the provider and in no way, influences the conclusion or the content of the contract. Menzel&Associates Ltd. does not assume any rights, obligations or liabilities vis-a-vis the user out of a contract concluded between a provider (or another third party) and the user.

Application process, Payment and Fees

5. The use of Menzel&Associates Ltd. services requires the user to provide personal contact details for Menzel&Associates Ltd. to be able to assist with services. By registering you accept the general terms and conditions of Baumer & Menzel Ltd. All forms of registration are binding. For bookings that reach us 5 working days or less before arrival, we charge express expenses of 300 CHF. – per order.

6. Upon providing a deposit payment for the booking to a third-party provider (e.g. hotel, transport), you enter into a contract with Baumer & Menzel Ltd. and confirm that you wish to accept the offer provided. You are therefore subject to the terms and conditions of the program / package booking, as set out in this offer document.

7. Menzel&Associates Ltd. will support the booking of hotels, transport, translator etc., but not settle the payment. The terms and conditions of the third-party service provider, like e.g. hotels, transport companies or translator will apply. Menzel&Associates Ltd. will be able to send the invoice to the user. Thus, the respective agreement will only be concluded between the User and the Travel Service Provider and any declarations, queries or claims regarding the Travel Service(s) should be addressed directly towards the Travel Service Provider.

• By making a booking with a Travel Service Provider (either directly or through Baumer & Menzel as User’s agent), the User accepts and agrees to the relevant terms and conditions of the Travel Service Provider (inter alia, the Travel Service Provider’s cancellation, and refund policies). Should Menzel&Associates Ltd. purchase the Travel Service(s) on behalf the User, the terms and conditions of the Travel Service Provider are made available by Menzel&Associates Ltd. via the Terms & Conditions.

• In order to secure a booking with a Provider Menzel&Associates Ltd. may require the User to provide a Prepayment (“Deposit”) to the third-party service provider.

8. For each booking we charge a service fee. After receipt of your registration you will receive a bill from Menzel&Associates Ltd., which will be due within 14 days if a prepayment should be made to pay for local partner companies. The financial balance is payable as per terms and conditions of third-party services. Additional fees might be charged as per proposal of Menzel&Associates Ltd.

9. Menzel&Associates Ltd. also provides additional services that the user can purchase to streamline their trip organization. Each service has a different cost and the user will be informed by Baumer & Menzel once the user selects these services from the quote.

10. The Additional Services may include but are not limited to the following:

• Personal Assistance package. This service of case facilitation includes: – full case management with a dedicated team member who will assist the user with their needs, – 24-hour response to the inquiry

• Airport-Hotel-Hospital Transfer. This service includes a car service and chauffeur to connect you to the airport, the hospital, and/or the hotel. The price listed is per trip.

• Visa Service. This service covers the provision of an invitation letter, which is often required to obtain a medical treatment visa. This fee does not cover any extra charges which will have to be paid directly to the embassy.

• On-Site Medical Interpreter. This service, paid on hourly basis includes an experienced medical interpreter who will accompany the User at the hospital and support the communication between medical staff and the User.

• Logistical Assistance. This service provides support with finding and booking travel and accommodation at the destination of treatment. A Team representative will present the user with travel and/or accommodation options with their prices. Menzel&Associates Ltd. does not provide the travel or accommodation services. The costs of the actual accommodation and/or transport and translator are paid by the traveling User.

Bank Charges

11. If you opt to provide payment for your booking by International Bank transfer, please note that Menzel&Associates Ltd. is not responsible for any bank charges incurred in the transfer of fees. All bank charges, including those incurred overseas and in the UK, are the responsibility of the person making the payment.

Cancellations and refunds

12. Late payments entitle us to cancel all relevant bookings.

13. If you wish to cancel your program booking, the relevant terms and conditions of the Third Service Provider (inter alia, the Third Service Provider’s cancellation, and refund policies do apply. The one-time service fee will not be refunded.

14. Please note that we will require written confirmation of your wish to cancel/withdraw your booking.

Booking Cancellations

15. Though Menzel&Associates Ltd. makes every attempt to avoid any changes to our booking, we strongly advise you to invest in a comprehensive travel insurance policy, to cover costs in the event of such a cancellation, as site-visits might depend on whether condition. (Helicopter)

16. Menzel&Associates Ltd. cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to your property including the transfer of computer viruses to your equipment. You are advised to insure your property against such risks. The reimbursement costs will be borne by you or your insurance company. For this reason, it is compulsory that you take out an insurance policy.

17. Menzel&Associates Ltd. does not provide insurance for clients. You are recommended to investigate insurance appropriate to you that covers your personal possessions, medical and repatriation expenses (if you are not covered in Switzerland) and cancellation to cover any fees and travel costs. You must imperatively be insured (for health and civil liability) and must be in a position to provide written proof of their insurance.


18. You are required to comply with the terms and conditions of your hotel.

Data Protection

19. For the Services provided by Menzel&Associates Ltd., it is necessary to collect, process and use personal data and a special category of personal data within the meaning of the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act, which requires the prior consent of the User.

20. The User may use this website and the information on it only for the

21. User’s non-commercial, personal purposes. All content of Menzel&Associates Ltd. website is protected by copyright and intellectual property rights and partially originated from third parties. All intellectual property rights in the website (including text, graphics, software, photographs and other images, videos, sound, trademarks and logos) are owned either by Menzel&Associates Ltd. Any utilisation not permitted by the copyright law requires advance written approval from Menzel&Associates Ltd..

22. Menzel&Associates Ltd. is entitled to use the information, inquiries and communications (e.g. to and with Providers) provided by the User or contributions made by the User in forums et cetera for it’s business provided that this use shall comply with the applicable data protection regulations.

Applicable law:

23. Only Swiss law is applicable. Jurisdiction is Zurich.